Your new or replacement concrete pavers driveway will define your home's curb appeal.  Quality interlocking pavers are sure to make a lasting first impression. With the help of Palace Paver’s design and professional paver installation services, you can guarantee that your new pavers driveway will be durable, weather resistant, low maintenance and beautiful.  High quality pavers are actually a stronger solution that poured concrete that will not crack or shift.  Pavers are also less prone to stains and are easily replaceable, if necessary.  A professional paving job can easily add value to your home much like any other home improvement projects.   Choose from hundreds of different styles with a wide range of patterns, colors and sizes to make your driveway a perfect compliment to your palace.

Palace Pavers’ can make your new or remodeled pool spectacular. If you need to restore the pool to its original state we are pleased to offer top quality marble plaster. If you are looking to install pavers around your pool, you’ve come to the right place. Pool deck pavers are a great choice because they can improve drainage and they’re a much safer choice because pool pavers are slip resistant and prevent injuries. Let Palace Pavers assist you in designing and installing the most visually stunning and high quality pool decking available. Our pool deck pavers are designed to withstand the chemical treatments from pools that cause fading, stains and even cracking. In Southern California, pools can be used virtually year-round so don’t wait and let Palace Pavers assist you with your pool remodel. We’ll make sure you receive tons of compliments at your next pool party!

Does your backyard need a facelift? Palace Pavers can assist homeowners to create their own little patio oasis. Indoor-Outdoor living spaces are an absolute must have in Southern California. The focal point of this new trend in construction is a well-designed outdoor patio. Palace Pavers’ patio designs look stylish and sharp while maintaining functionality and comfort. Of course, paving is our specialty but as a general licensed contractor, we can also build outdoor kitchens and custom BBQ’s, custom pergolas, fire pits and assist in landscaping goals. There are numerous reasons to install new pavers in your patio. Our pavers are strong and durable, easily maintainable, and beautiful. Using pavers in a construction project has more flexibility in design and creativity that you can’t obtain with concrete. There are hundreds of designs, sizes, colors, textures and patterns to choose from. Our team will help you bring the vision for your patio oasis to life.

In the old days, cooking outdoors meant breaking out a portable BBQ to grill.  However, today, outdoor cooking has expanded in sophistication and versatility.   Every outdoor kitchen and BBQ Palace Pavers designs and installs will meet all your outdoor cooking needs.  You can now build outdoor kitchens with a complete set of equipment and appliances including grills, stoves, wine coolers, fridges and a sink and faucet.  Gamedays are now an official tradition at your home.  Firepits are a perfect addition to a patio for those chilly nights.  There’s nothing in the world like gathering around a firepit to enjoy a glass of wine, roast marshmallows with the kids and have some good conversation.  Our team is trained to help you with professional designing and installation of your new outdoor kitchen and/or firepit.  This will be a perfect addition to incorporate your backyard oasis to the rest of your home and can entertain guests on the perfect Southern California weather.  Give us a call today to get a free consultation and estimate for your outdoor kitchen plans to finally perfect that outdoor area you desire and ultimately add value to your home.

Pavers for a walkway in your front or backyard can add tons of character to your home.  If you need steps done, it’s not a problem although steps require more preparation and planning.  Usually, steps are customly made in two different ways, either flat and square or curved and rounded. We usually try to incorporate the three aspects as best as we can to any project because we believe they add more definition to the project area.  When good looking planter walls combined with great landscaping are incorporated into a walkway or backyard area, the end results are outstanding.  Planters are useful to divide areas and can also be used for seating.  There are a number of different planter options to choose from including flat edges, low raised edges, raised planters, or veneer walls.

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